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Crowe UAE signs MOU with Al Nazaha Association

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates– Crowe UAE is the first organization to sign a MOU with Al Nazaha Association for Joint Cooperation and sharing Experience in the field of Integrity and Anti-Fraud Concepts in the UAE.

To kickstart the initiative and to mark the International Fraud Awareness Week, Saad Maniar, Senior Partner & Nadeem Maniar, Director – Fraud & Forensic Services at Crowe UAE visited Zayed University Dubai & Abu Dhabi Campus to conduct two outreach events reaching out to more than 120 students. The topics discussed were Integrity, Ethics and Anti-Fraud with the young bright students who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Also, we are happy to announce that Nadeem Maniar will be representing Crowe UAE in the Executive Committee of AlNazaha to support and promote the objectives.

Ms. Naeima Almenhali, Chairperson of AlNazaha Association, said One of our main objective is to establish strategic partnerships for the purpose of collaboration and exchange of the

experiences in integrity and anti-fraud concepts among the UAE Community. I truly believe that Crowe UAE will support us to achieve our objectives

Nadeem Maniar, said “collaboration with the professionals and working towards a common goal of fighting fraud together would help organizations to achieve their objectives. We at Crowe UAE truly believe in our value of sharing and giving back to the society. I am very happy to be part of the initiative of AlNazaha, it is a great opportunity to serve the UAE and to take this excellent initiative ahead