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Al Nazaha Association Chairperson Addresses ACFE Fraud Conference Attendees

Al Nazaha Association continued its participation in the ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East hosted by The General Directorate  of Residencies and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in collaboration with The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

During the closing session Mrs. Naeema Al Menhali, Chairperson of the board of Al Nazaha Association, addressed the attendees of the formation of the association and its affiliation with the ACFE. Mrs. Al Menhali started by thanking Mr. Bruce Dorris President and CEO of ACFE for the opportunity to speak to the audience and all the support during the formation of the Al Nazaha Association and the affiliation agreement. She then explained that “The UAE chapter named “Al Nazaha”, which means Integrity in English, is created by professional Emiratis along with great support from our resident brothers and sisters. She continued saying “Overall, we will be aiming to reach our objectives, such as promoting corporate integrity and anti-fraud concepts, along with enhancing the profession and its members in the UAE community.” Lastly Mrs. Al Menhali invited all attendees to join the association by visiting the stand outside or via the association website. Her speech was perceived positively by the audience. 

Mrs. Naeema Al Menhali Addressing ACFE Fraud Conference Attendees about Al Nazaha Association

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