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Fraud Investigation Challenge

Dive into financial records, employee logs, and vendor details, utilizing analytical skills to unravel covert actions and unveil the truth.


Spot potential fraud cases by recognizing instances with two or more red flags. Apply the Fraud Triangle theory to pinpoint and assess potential fraudulent activities within the identified cases.

Test Your Investigations Skills

Step into the shoes of a seasoned investigator and uncover the fraud scenarios. Embark on an engaging and thrilling adventure as you assume the role of an investigator. Your objective: unveil and resolve a sequence of fraudulent scenarios within the fictional company, ABC Tech Solutions (ATS).


ATS, a flourishing enterprise in the dynamic Tech sector, has recently fallen under scrutiny due to suspicions of potential fraudulent activities. As a participant in this conference, you will be granted exclusive access to confidential company data, encompassing intricate financial records, detailed employee logs, and comprehensive vendor information. Your mission is to meticulously analyze the datasets provided, scrutinizing every entry and transaction, aiming to identify instances of fraud perpetrated by key characters within the organization. Dive deep into the intricate web of data, unraveling the complexities that may conceal fraudulent actions.


Post your solution in the comment area of the post. Your post won't be visible to others. After the conclusion of the ACFE Fraud Conference Middle east, we will post the solution in this page. So, stay tuned for the answer.

When providing your solution, please indicate:

  • The fraudster,
  • The type of fraud
  • How you discover it.

There might be multiple cases of frauds so try to analysis the information thoroughly.


There will be an award to the first 10 participants that provide the correct answers. So, make sure you leave your contact information so we may contract you if you win.

The Game File:

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