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Professional Interviewing Skills (Webinar) – 16 CPE

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Are people lying to you? Do you know for sure? When do actions speak louder than words? Fraudsters, clients, customers, colleagues and even your own employees may each be hiding something from you. This 2-day, interactive course will teach you how to be more effective in asking direct and follow-up questions, while evaluating both verbal and non-verbal responses, so you can detect lies and uncover the truth during interviews.    Auditors, law enforcement officers, human  resources professionals and many others have   benefited from this course.  By learning the fundamental interviewing techniques presented by our expert instructors,  you will  learn how to get more information  from subjects and how to detect  deception and read body language  during interviews.

Certified Professional Education (CPE) : 16 CPE hours


Location: The location will be provided at a later stage

Date: 1 November to 2 November 2020

Time: TBA