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Governance Structure

Organization Structure

The Governance Structure of Al Nazaha Association consist of Board of Directors and three committees.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Mrs. Naeema Al Menhali (For full list of board members please click here). The board is mandated with:

  • Oversight over Association Performance
  • Approval of Association Strategy and Business Plan
  • Approval of Policies and Budget
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships with Public, Private and Educational Institutions.

The Executive Committee is mandated with:

  • Developing Business Plan and Procedures
  • Liaise with the Association other Committees and Sub-Committees
  • Developing Initiatives inline with the approved Strategy.
  • Review and approval of publications, studies and statements to the community.

The Anti-fraud Committee is mandated with:

  • Developing training materials
  • Dissemination of fraud related contents.
  • Preparing publications on standards and best practices
  • Exploring and development of partnerships and agreements with other associations in serving the goals of Al Nazaha association.

The Media Committee is mandated with:

  • Preparing media statements and presenting to media
  • Protocols and VIP services
  • Developing communication and media Policy and Procedures
  • Social Network accounts management
  • Management of marketing and communication initiatives.