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International Fraud Awareness Week 15 to 21 November, 2020

Join the global effort to minimize the impact of fraud by promoting anti-fraud awareness and education during the period from 15-21 November 2020.

Fraud Week is the perfect time to go a step further in your role as an anti-fraud professional and to start discussions among peers, coworkers, executives and stakeholders in your community about how important fraud prevention is to society as a whole.

You can use any of the free resources provided in the International Fraud Awareness Week Website, or get creative and put your own twist on some of the ideas presented below. These ideas are for organizations that are members of Alnazaha Association and wish to participate in the International Fraud awareness week. Organizations should visit International Fraud Awareness Week website in order to register for being an official supporter for this week via visiting The website has many resources as well as the fraud week logo for which organizations can use during that week. Below are different types of activities that an organization can conduct during the week for which the association advises to conduct:

  • Send an email to all the employees’ informing them that the organization is a supporter of Fraud week and activities’ will be conducted during this week;
  • PC screensavers can be used to enhance awareness amongst the staff. A sentence about certain policies in the organization can be used in those screensavers and the fraud week logo should be added to the screensaver;
  • For external parties such as customers/suppliers, the organization can send an email or text message or via social media that they are a supporter of Fraud week and how to report suspicious or confirmed fraud cases;
  • The call waiting recordings of the organization can also announce the organization being a supporter of the fraud week;
  • A town hall should be scheduled to all relevant staff in the organization in order to enhance the employees’ awareness pertaining to Fraud;
  • At the end of the town hall, the participants can be handed out some takeaways such as pens, magnets, notebooks…..etc that have fraud week logo and the association along with the organizations fraud reporting email address;
  • The organization can send out a questionnaire to all its staff in order to assess their understanding of Fraud post which the organization can assess staffs level of understanding fraud as well as reporting channels;
  • The organization can promote its staff to participate in a quiz questionnaire and the winner can be given an award from the organization. The winner can be given any type of award but it should have the International Fraud week of ACFE on it along with Alnazaha Association logo.

For further clarifications or support on materials, feel free to reach out to the association by sending an email to


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