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Membership Benefits

The tables below describe the benefits of being a member with Al Nazaha Association for the different membership category.


Registered userA user that is registered in the association database but not a member in the association
Association MemberA user that hold one of the association membership (Working membership, Associate membership, or Student Membership)
Association of Fraud Examiner MemberA valid member of the Association of Fraud Examiner (ACFE)
Corporate Alliance MemberEmployee of an entity that has MOU and/or Corporate Alliance Agreement with Al Nazaha Association


BenefitsRegistered UsersAl Nazaha Association memberACFE memberCorporate Alliance member
Nomination and Election for the membership of the Board of Directors (Applicable to Working members only)NoYesYesYes
Voting in General Assembly meetings (Applicable to Working members only)NoYesYesYes
Carrying out various activities available and benefiting from the association's facilities accordingly to the decisions and policies of the associationNoYesYesYes
25% on membership feesNoNoYesYes
Participate in free courses and earn up to 4 CPEs hours per yearNoNoYesNo
The ability to participate in a group of activities and events organized by the association without chargeYesYesYesYes
Receive periodic reports and newslettersYesYesYesYes
Participate in meetings and seminars free of chargeNoYesYesYes
Access to latest research and topics in the various activities of the associationNoYesYesYes
Reduced price for all courses and events organized by the associationNoYesYesYes

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