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Integrity (Al Nazaha) is one of the major elements that organizations focus on. With the consistent changes to the Anti-Fraud profession, keeping up to date with the new emerges in the field of Integrity and Anti-Fraud is essential for individuals mandated with fighting fraud and integrity crimes.

By joining Al Nazaha Asscoiation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you combat frauds in your organization.

The board of director of the association has announced the acceptance of registration for new member and the exception of the registration fees for the year 2020 for all new members.

Membership Types:

Working Membership For Individual of the UAE Nationality
Associate MembershipFor all other nationalities
Student MembershipFor UAE Based Collage Students
Honorary MembershipProfessionals and intellectuals who have performed great services for the country or those who have a remarkable activity in the field.

To join the association please register here